Lisbon (July 10th, 2017) – After the announcement of our Hong Kong / Macau team for League of Legends, Grow uP eSports is now proud to present its European roster that will participate in all future competitions, known as “Grow uP Esports Europe Female LoL Team”. The current lineup has registered for some of the most important international tournaments, joining all other top female competitors in the world. Preparations will last throughout the summer with the Grow uP eSports organization’s support and will undoubtedly have a strong showing!

Some of the members have competed in the female tournament for League of Legends in the Paris Games Week in 2015, and this roster has been together for two years now, proving their stability. The team also won various first places in ESL female competitions over the last two years, proving their performance levels and consistency. Skazza and Reniferka, top laner and jungler respectively, are twitch partners, streaming several times a week with great exposure.

The roster is presented next:

Top Lane Marta “Skazza” Świderska
Jungle Patrycja “Reniferka” Krumin
Mid Lane Tanja “Escapex3” Reither
Marksman Laura “Aryenzz” Muñoz
Support Marlies “Maestra” Brunnhofer

Carolina “TaurenBreezy” Almeida
Grow uP eSports Europe Female LoL Team

Our Team Manager had the following message:

“After representing several well-known organizations in the past and winning a handful of European female tournaments, this team is ready to take competition to the next level. These players are not only one of the best at their individual roles but also, after being together for 2 years, they managed to develop a great team play. It is my pleasure to work with such dedicated team and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!”



About Grow uP eSports

Founded in 2002, Grow uP eSports is a multinational eSports organization, headquartered in Portugal and Macau. Grow uP eSports is promoting eSports activities across Europe and Asia via tournaments that unite existing communities of console, computer, and mobile gamers.

In July 2016, Grow uP eSports became the 46th member nation of the International e-Sports Federation, a leading global organization whose mission is to have electronic sports recognized as a legitimate sport throughout the world. In December 2016, Grow uP eSports signed a strategic partnership agreement with the World Cyber Arena (WCA) that allows them to organize annual qualifiers in both Macau and Portugal to elect the best eSports teams in their respective regions; those teams will then compete in the WCA Grand Finals in China at year end. With its growing list of sponsors, Grow uP eSports is planning eSports festivals, invitationals, and eSports competitions throughout the year.


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