1. Macao will be at the e-Sports World Championship

    Macao, September 5th, 2016 – After a successful competitive e-Sports tournament organized by Grow uP eSports over the past weekend in Macao, the best local League of Legends Team and Hearthstone player have been selected to represent the Macao SAR, for the first time, at the upcoming 8th e-Sports World Championship in October. Meet the selected players to represent Team Macao SAR: League of Legends: Top               (賈爾納) Fernando Gabriel        16 years old Middle          (韋澤豪) Wai Chak Hou             18 years old Jungle          (姚宇信) Yau U Son                   15 years old AD Carry      (梁家健) Leong Ka Kin               17 years old Support        (高銘聰) Kou Meng Chong         17 years old   Hearthstone: Player          (黃嘉豪) Kyle Wong                    21 years old   As the Macao member nation of the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF), Grow uP eSports will be granting these young local e-Sports athletes the honor of representing Macao, while competing against 37 other countries...
  2. 8th eSports World Championship 2016 Qualifiers 第八屆電子競技世界錦標賽2016預選賽

    As the Macau member nation of the International eSports Federation, Grow uP eSports proudly announces the 8th eSports World Championships 2016 Qualifiers Tournament. Grow uP eSports will host a tournament on August 27 and 28 at MP5 Cyberstation to find Macau’s best League of Legends and Hearthstone players to participate at the world championships, where winners will have the honor of representing Macau at the World Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 6 – 9th, 2016. All team flights and accommodation expenses will be covered by Grow uP eSports and the IeSF. Other prizes will be awarded to the first three finishers in both tournaments. The qualifier tournament will take place Saturday, August 27th through Sunday, August 28th at MP5 Cyberstation at Rua do Terminal Marítimo, Nº63, Edifício Centro Internacional de Macau, with the final round occurring on August 28th. League of Legends is an online multiplayer game played in teams of five. Players must work together in order to successfully navigate through several treacherous battlefields, while relying on strategy and strong teamwork. The winners will have to exemplify both of these qualities in addition to relying on their own ingenuity, while playing as part of a team. All computers...


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