After a lot of talk, speculation, known teams giving the names of their new rosters, and a lot of them exempt their OW roster, the “OWL” is going to happen.

As many of us, that follow OW scene know, there were a lot of noise surrounding Overwatch League, the delay, and lack of big tournaments made some of the most known teams drop their OW rosters, and when some of them got to know the the format of OWL, and the price that Blizzard was about to charge, even more teams dropped their rosters. But even with this many step backs from teams, Blizzard went full in, and one of the most expected leagues is happening in the start of 2018.

As we start to watch teams being created, without any doubt, we can say that one of the favorites going into 2018’s Overwatch tournament at this stage are South Korea’s Soul Dynasty, we just gotta remember the amazing matches we have seen so far from their players. But i’m sure everyone have their favorites, to win, or just for being the team that most call their heart, so, which are your favorites going into 2018’s Overwatch tournament.