TaniaCPL was one of Grow uP eSports Twitch team members with the biggest growth in followers in January. To celebrate, we decided to interview her. Read more to know a little more about Tânia and visit her stream to say hello.
Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
A: My name is Tânia (a.k.a. CookieFace), i’m 29 years old and live in Algarve. I have a cat, that i love very much, named Cookie, because i love cookies (ahahah). I’m a Graphic Designer by day and a streamer by night. On my free time i like to play games, read, watch TV series (I have an endless list of them, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to finish it), going to the movies and EAT.

I was always interested in technology and videogames, so I made sure to get involved in computing and programming, when I was young. I finished school in computer networks course and later, Graphic Design in the university.
The name, CookieFace, was born from a joke between friends. One time, I said did not like to take pictures laughing because my face looked like a cookie… and my friend said: “Yeah, maybe we should call you CookieFace!”. And I liked it so… that’s it xD
Q: What motivated you to start streaming?
A: I’ve always liked gaming and always wondered if i could make a living by playing games. But I never had the courage to take that step… until March 2016, when I decided to try… and the streams started.
I must say that, I didn’t even know that Twitch existed, until my boyfriend at the time told me about it, and explained to me how it worked. I started by watching Pedrada’s stream (also a member of Grow uP), he was playing Blade and Soul at the time, the same game I was playing. And after some time I also started streaming. I was already spending all my free time playing so… why not stream it? I lived alone at the time so, I thought it was a good way of spend the time, socializing and all.
It was a good start, I grew up fast, and was able to join Grow uP a few weeks later. Sadly, for personal reasons, i made some small Hiatus and that affected the stream, a lot. But… i’m getting back on my feet, with time we will be back to normal ^^

Tânia having fun, singing “Friends forever”.
Q: You been here a while! Do you have any advice to people that started streaming now?
A: Starting is tough. It can be very demotivating: not having anyone watching, or someone in chat. I started streaming while talking with someone on Teamspeak/Discord, it helps to distract us from those things and not thinking about it. But never ignore chat, the worst thing you can do to a viewer is to ignore them when they speak to you. Always pay attention and answer as soon as possible, and try to start a conversation, don’t give direct/short answers. It’s not easy, because sometimes we are concentrated on the game, but it gets easier with time 😀
Q: What kind of streams do you do?
A: I’m a variety streamer, I can’t play same game for too long. I started by streaming BnS and then I started streaming different thing. I played Pokemon, Skyforge, etc. At the moment I’m trying to follow a schedule that allows me to play a different game everyday. Just to give an idea of what games i play: Fornite (PVP and PVE), Skyrim, Resident Evil 7, Overwatch, etc. I’ve just finished Dishonored and now I’m looking for a new game, any suggestions? 😛

Q: What do you like most about your stream?
A: My community, of course. I can say that, despite being few, I have great viewers. I have a lot of fun chatting with everyone during the lives, without them I do not know if I could continue. I try to maintain contact through our server on Discord. They are the ones that motivate me to do the streams… And when I wanted to give up, they were there for me… I’m very lucky to have these people in my life, thank you guys 🙂
I also have my cat, Cookie, who is the mascot of the stream and who insists on appearing, always, in front of me, in the streams. Many of the people, as soon as they get to the stream, promptly ask for him. He’s the star of the stream, I’m just an extra. ahahaha
Q: Has streaming helped you on a personal, emotional and / or professional level?
A: Streaming has helped me a lot emotionally. I confess that when I started to stream, I was depressed, it was very complicated. I spent too much time alone at home and it was not healthy for me. Streaming was the way I found to stop isolating myself, even without leaving the house. It was something that changed my life completely. At the time it freed me from many sleepless nights. Once again, thank you all <3
Professionally it also helped me a bit, I started working as a Designer for some streamers. Overlays and stuff like that. If you need to, you can contact me 😛
Q: What are the negative and positive aspects of being a streamer?
A: The positives? For me it was/is meeting new people, who share the same tastes and interests as me. I used to play alone all the time, because unfortunately I did not have friends who liked to play. Today, I always have someone joining me to play a match of Overwatch or Fortnite, it’s a very good feeling. Ahahah
I can’t remember many negative things … I can only say that I had some less happy situations with trolls that appeared in the stream. But it was nothing serious and it was resolved in the hour xD

Q: What is your goal as a long-term streamer?
A: I wish one day I could make a living out of streaming. It is something that would make me very happy, although it is something very complicated to achieve. Especially when you do not have a natural skill to play. Ahahah
But for now, I would like to be able to become a partner. It’s my next goal as a streamer. As long as it takes, the secret is never give up.
Q: Besides Twitch, where else can we find you?
A: Well, I’m everywhere! Ahahah
These are the social networking sites I use to share my stream:
Twitch, Site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord.

The uP Stream Staff team wants to thank Tânia for the availability she’s shown to answer our questions.
Congratulations on your growth, Tânia! Keep up the good work!

Don’t forget to check out Tânia’s channel at twitch.tv/TaniaCPL.