This month, we decided to interview Reeh, one of our biggest streamers at the moment at Grow uP eSports, and has been with us for a long time. She mainly streams CS: GO, but you can also find her playing other games like PUBG or GTA V. We hope that with this interview you get to know her better, and how it is to be a streamer in a country like Brazil.
Q: Hi Reeh, can you talk a little bit about yourself?
A: Well, my name is Renata Bagnato, I’m 20 years old, I’m from the inland of São Paulo, here at Brazil, a little bit far away from Grow uP, hahah. It’s always hard to talk about myself because i never know what to say.

Q: What lead you to start streaming?
A: Actually, I started streaming as a “joke”. One of my friends told me “Reeh, why don’t you start streaming? It’s super cool!!” then I started doing some research about what it was, and going after being a real streamer. After a little bit, before a year passed, I was able to become a Twitch partner, thanks to Grow uP, that believed on my potential as a streamer. Even being so far away from you, I’m really grateful to you all!
Q: Do you have some advices to people starting now?
A: My advice for those who want to start streaming, and even for someone who streams already for a while, it’s: Never Give Up!! It’s going to be really hard in the start, the middle, and in the end. It’s always hard, but you need to have a lot of spark and determination in order for it to really go well.
Q: What do you like more on your stream?
A: On my stream, what I like more is my community. I mean, we become a family, I met some of my subscribers personally, and this, it’s the most amazing thing, I can have friends all around the world.

Q: How did the stream of Tia Raquel (Reeh’s mom) came to life?
A: My mom always watched me, from the beginning. Even before I started streaming, she already used to see me play. Finally, one day, she had the curiosity to play, and see how was that shooting game I was always playing. So I decided to get her in my livestream, and it was super fun.
Q: Having the support of your mother, do you feel you have extra motivation in relation to other streamers?
A: I believe so. Having the support of your parents it’s key to success on any carrier, because it really makes it easier to grow personally on what you want to do. And I believe I’m really fortunate for having this support.

Q: Did streaming helped you on a personal, emotional and/or professional level?
A: Streaming helped me at every level, but mainly emotionally. It’s really good, like I told, you can make friends from anywhere in the world, and streaming facilitated it a lot. On a personal level, it helped me a lot on my shyness, which I had a lot of. On the professional side, I already got some partnerships, that I believe can help me even more, being Twitch still a growing market.
Q: What do you think are the negative and positive sides of being a streamer?
A: The negative side of being a streamer, and also a girl, it’s mainly everything you do is criticized: if you play well, you are hacking, if you play badly, it’s because you suck at it. And there’s even people that talk bad about your clothes, because some girls like to use clothing with cleavage, and that person is also heavily criticized. On a general level, there’s always someone trying to put you down.

Now, the positive side is bigger than the negative: people praising you, enjoying your play style, and sometimes sharing their problems, and we can try to help them fix them, by making them smile and having a good time with us, and mainly, a place where you can have a family (the one I call reehaleza* hahaha) 

*Translator’s Note: Pun with royalty in Portuguese.

Q: What is your long term goal?
A: My main goal is to get on a point where I can live only from my stream, get my house and even get some retribution for my mother, for all the support she gave me. I want to be able to close partnerships with big e-sport brands, specially brands with women in front of it.
Q: Besides Twitch, where else can everyone find you?
A: You can find me at:
We would like to to thank Reeh for the time, and to let us know more about her stream, we would like to give a special thanks to Tia Raquel, for the support given to her daughter every day. We hope Reeh keeps growing more and more, and that she stays with us for many years. The biggest success for her.