Breaking news
  1. IeSF finalized the official titles of ‘9 th Esports World Championship BUSAN 2017’
  2. Grow uP Esports presents new Rocket League team
  3. João “Duro” Helena qualified for the Allianz Challenge
  4. GIRLGAMER 2017 Esports Festival
  5. Alexandre Alves qualifies for the Allianz Challenge on PS4

Our Brands

We are a Portuguese eSports Association, since 2002, and we are managed by young entrepreneurs with strong management skills and innovation, with national projection and abroad.

Born on May 28, 2002, and since then we have been developing projects in the eSports context.

We were legally constituted as an association on January 30, 2008, becoming even stronger and gaining more willing to evolve.

Meet uP, is a brand that pretends to stimulate gaming in our country, by performing a range of targeted events to various types of players, even if they are more casual or competitive. What we want is to join in a common area, technology, fun and competition, all in one platform that offers the opportunity to grow the different eSports communities.

Grow Up eSports aims to create a space where people passionate about video games and gaming technology can gather to discuss about this burgeoning scene. Through our events, communities can promote themselves, teams can expand their followings, and players of all stripes can come together in a fun and friendly and environment that fosters a strong sense of community. So sign up, introduce yourself and game on!