In January, to celebrate the growth Mujahedinpt’s channel had, we decided to interview him. Check out the interview to get to know him better! But proceed with caution. Some things cannot be unseen. You have been warned.

Q: Tell us about yourself.
A: I don’t like to talk about myself, because I consider myself a fool. Incidentally, a few weeks ago, a World Organization classified me as mentally ill. Out of nowhere… Something that has left me quite satisfied, because being mentally ill is better than being a mere fool. What is worth is that my illness only attacks me in the vacant hours, because I have a very demanding professional occupation. I am a journalist, a profession I have held for many years and which I have suspended by the position of Press Advisor I held in the European Parliament. At the moment, I find myself managing two factories in Azores, something diametrically opposed to my training, that is certain, but I could not refuse, because I really like new challenges. I am one of those people who would not be able to have a profession in which you are obliged to do more of the same, every hour, every day, all of life. Arrghhh … I’m very scared of this scenario.

Q. When did you start and what led you to stream?
A: I honestly don’t remember the first day I turned on the stream. To have erased such an event from my memory, the first stream must have gone pretty bad. It happens frequently. I feel like Twitch doesn’t have enough fools streaming, so that must have been what got me doing it. It’s, say, a way to show people how not to stream. Every time I see a clip they make of my stream, I think OMS was right! I can never figure out why I always have more than 1 viewer (myself) in my stream. Schadenfreude, my friends! Such perverse pleasure that makes humanity feel drawn to the misfortune of others. So, in my stream, I always warn of potential brain damage from a kind of radioactive malice that I emanate whenever I’m live. And why do I say this? Because my stupidity reaches a stage so advanced that there are people who commit the madness to subscribe to my channel and, more seriously, to send donations of hundreds of euros.

This clip was taken from one of Mujah’s streams. Here, he tells us what he used to do before he started streaming.
For non Portuguese speakers: “I am retired (pause) from porn movies.. and I came to Twitch”

Q: You got a talk show, right? How did this show happened?
A: That’s right. To tell you the truth, I no longer know what led me to do what they know as the “Programa do Mujah” (Mujah’s Show). It started out as a small vodcast that gravitated the Blizzard Universe, especially World of Warcraft. Later, through the competition generated between guilds and players, in search of the best classifications of progress, and the dramas that were created in the national environment, the product required another approach and began to be performed live. Recently, “The Streamer” appeared. This heading constitutes the first part of the program in the current season. It is something that allows the community to know the person behind a particular stream, whether popular or not. It is something that I do with great pleasure, because it gives rise, not infrequently, to hilarious and very “cringe” situations.In the second part of the talk show, we receive four guests every week. If in the past it was difficult to convince players to participate in the program and expose themselves through a webcam, nowadays the scenario has been reversed and the players themselves are doing it every week. This situation fills me with pride. As I have a habit of saying, the “Mujah’s Show” is not mine… it belongs to all those who do it every week. I am amazed at the contributions the program receives each week from the community. In recent editions, we have also supplemented the product with some sketches. The embarrassing situations I put myself into every Friday in the program have one culprit: Gonçalo Sena. He writes scripts for much of the content of the stream.

One of the sketchs Mujah’s done in his show. It contains news about WoW in a funny format.
Q: What games can we see in your stream besides the famous talk show?
A: Do not waste time watching me play whatever it is because you will not learn anything… I’ve played WoW for 12 years and I am still far from being a player with ultra advanced skills. I think I’m getting old!!! From time to time I make some flights in my Flight Simulator, I shoot in PUBG or I stream anything else that appears. I play everything and do not play anything!
Q: What plans do you have for the future of your stream?
A: I do not have any definite plans for the moment. I would like to finish the current season of 16 shows and then analyze whether or not the community wants me to continue to do something. In this chapter, I would like to say a word of sincere thanks for all the support I have received. I get embarrassed by the number of people watching the show. I never know how to thank them. It seems lame, but to think that hundreds of people invest two hours of their time to see the show every week makes me very sensitized. Although the show is a lot of work every week and its production value requires a lot of investment, I usually say that I would do the same, even if I only had one viewer. Even if it was just one, I would not let it look bad. I will take this opportunity to thank Grow uP eSports for the support given to the show. In addition to sharing the stream, they also are, every week, important contributors to the making of this product. Especially Francisco Pereira, someone that has believed in the show from the beginning and encouraged me to carry it out.
Q: What advice would you give to someone who is now starting?
A: I would say that content will be one of the most important aspects to take into account by anyone who thinks to start streaming. Unless you are “ultra-skilled” players in some game or possibly have a great “mammary display”, prepare to have to work if you want to build a community around your stream. If you have one of the attributes I mentioned, 80% of the content is satisfied and therefore only requires the effort to click on the “Start Stream” button. I don’t know if this will help you, but as an example, I got 10 new followers from the moment when, on the sly, I started stealing my wife’s dresses and her bras to do sly things. Believe me… this gave me a lot of work… work in dressing up and, above all, work to manage my wife’s insults. Once the content is defined, I believe the key will be to ensure consistency and regularity. Of course interactivity with viewers will have to be equally important. If I don’t get a reply from the streamer, I’ll always prefer to watch a YouTube video, for example, because I can do it when and how I want in my spare time.
Finally, Twitch’s old maxim: Do not expect to have five thousand people seeing you on the first day you turn on the stream. The success of a stream has to be built over time. Ask yourself every day why you stream and what made you turn on a stream. Implement innovative situations wherever possible. Always respect those who lose a few minutes of their time to see you and interact with you, even if they are only one or two viewers. They are people who are eventually in your stream because they like you and therefore should deserve your consideration.

An example of what you might find in Mujah’s Talk Show.
Q: Besides Twitch, where else can we find you?
A: You can find me in the Azores! Have you ever thought about visiting paradise on Earth?? SELLOUT!!! You can add me on Facebook or talk to me through Discord. Twitter on the making!

The uP Stream Staff team wants to thank Mujah immensely for the time spent answering our questions. We wish him the greatest success, both in his personal life and in the world of Twitch. We love your show 😀 Keep up the good work.

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