Mizzie  has been streaming for us for quite some time now, and although she paused streams for a while due to college, she’s back on our screens. Here’s the interview with Mizzie, so that we can all get to know more about her.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
A: Well, hello, my name is Maria Neves, also known as Mizzie. I’m 22 years old, and I’m on the last year of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences. Since I was little I developed a love for computer games, specially because of my older brother, and I play ever since I can remember. At first it was only some few games at Nintendo 64, and some computer games like Worms Armageddon and GTA 2, later on it appeared Counter Strike 1.6, I was 13 years old at that time, and the addiction got bigger. I even got to play in some semi-professional teams, but I never went too far, I always put my studies in first place. And finally, I started streaming.


Q: How long have you been Streaming? What got you started?
A: I started streaming around 3 years ago a MMORPG called TERA. I started very casually, because at the time I had no one to play with me, and I thought that if I started streaming I would have company to talk to. The streams started to get serious and I decided to broadcast the game I spent the longest time playing, CS:GO. And so, I became the best CS streamer on my street.


Q: Why did you change the language of your streams?
A: Broaden horizons, mostly. I can list a number of reasons: improve my English, meet people from all over the world, broaden the stream beyond the national public, be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon for him to laugh at my jokes (a girl can dream). The decision was not easy since my community was Portuguese, but I made a decision that, if I had not taken it, I wouldn’t have had such good experiences with foreign viewers.


Q: Do you think this change of language helped your stream?
A: Yes and no. I lost many of my regular Portuguese viewers, lost national recognition, and my number of viewers per stream dropped dramatically. However, no doubt that the goal of meeting new people from all over the world is slowly taking place. I already have viewers and friends from Netherlands, Lithuania, India, United States of America (and so on …) and I love it! If it wasn’t for the language change, I wouldn’t have helped a Lithuanian viewer to arrange a wedding request here in Porto for his girlfriend (it went well, she said yes!).
Although the number of viewers is demotivating, compared to what I had previously, I have to admit that, as a person and as a streamer, I have evolved a lot. Apart from that, and I apologize if I offend someone, the Portuguese CS community is not the best.


Q: What type of games can we find on your streams?
A: Mostly Counter Strike, although I’ve been playing a lot of PUBG and, whenever a new platform game comes out, I have to try it. There was a time last year when I got a little bit tired of CS and focused on being a variety streamer, streaming Indie games, platformers and other single-player games. But I have to admit that the CS bug always comes back and I got back to the game that makes me happy and salty at the same time.


Q: What feature you mostly like in your stream?
A: Well, I see myself as a very silly person in my streams. I love entertaining, and the fact of being awkward playing, makes the stream more fun to watch. In Counter Strike, for example, throwing grenades at myself is something I do very often and, of course, the viewers love to make fun of me.
Although I am REALLY SALTY while playing, I always try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere and to teach what I know.
The streams do not always go well, and when I’m down, the stream is quieter than normal, often becoming just a broadcast of a girl playing in her pajamas (yes, I often stream in my pajamas!).
Q: Any advice you’d like to leave to anyone starting the stream, or even to those who have already started?
A: I have a very important advice that many are not aware of when they start streaming. The number of viewers will not be 10 or 20 at your start. People need to know about the existence of your stream or get there by link or you get really lucky for them to find you in the middle of so many channels. So advertising is very important, and connecting with other streamers as well. When helping you are also helped, do not focus only on yourself. Also, do not expect everything to be a bed of roses, there will be many moments when you will be fed up and only want to give up, but if you like what you do, keep going. Things will change, sooner or later!

Q: Besides Twitch, where else can we find you?
R: You can find me on any existing social platform. On Facebook by the name of Maria “Mizzie” Neves, on instagram by mizzieneves and on Twitter by Mizzieni. Although I do not use them as much as I should, I always publish giveaways and when I’m going live. The instagram is something that I use as a personal page too, so expect to see many photos of me and my cats eheh.


First and foremost, the Staff Stream team would like to thank Mizzie for providing time to answer questions. Thank you!
We hope you enjoyed, as much as we did, to get to know Mizzie better.