The streamer interviewed in April was Leya the Insane, which started streaming in January 2017. However, just after two months, she had to pause, because her computer was not holding up. In June, Leya bought a new computer and began streaming regularly. Here is the interview we did, so that you get to know her better.

uP – Where does your nickname come from?
Leya – So, in 2009 I went to a festival that, at the time, was called “Optimus Alive” and they were giving some orange scarves for people to put on their heads to protect themselves from the sun. My friend took mine and put it on my head on Princess Leia’s hairstyle from Star Wars. During the day we participated in some games. The announcer, when he was introducing us, asked who I was and asked if I was Princess Leia. From then on, that was the nickname I was always used to register for any type of game. That’s how the Leya part of my name came from. “The Insane” comes from a title that exists in World of Warcraft, which is quite difficult to obtain, very time consuming, very difficult, so when I finally got it, I put it on and never took it out. So, on Twitch I used LeyaTheInsane as nick, which is what I see in the game: Leya, the Insane.

uP – What made you to turn on the stream?
Leya – Initially, in January, one of our friends had to keep some boxes in the game, by the time a patch came out, he opened all the boxes so he had a better chance of opening a legendary. He said he was going to stream it, opening the boxes on stream for us to see the legendaries he was going to get. He was talking about it and asking what program he should use and how it was done, so I started researching at the same time he was talking and I got interested in it. I was “humm, maybe I also should also to try it” . The next day, as it was my day off, I started setting up OBS and that night, I streamed my first WoW raid.

uP – Can you remember a moment that has marked your stream, a big host for example?
[Leya thinking…]
uP – Have you got a big host, or did the stream had a boom during some phase? Because I suppose you started with not so many people watching you, right?
Leya – Actually, right on the first day, my stream was seen by a lot of people, because a guild appeared which was, still is, the top guild of the server, and basically the guild was all watching my stream, because of my class and spec and also because I am a girl.

uP – For being a girl and having that class?
Leya – Class and spec. Exactly, so from the first day it was something special, I was not expecting that to happen, but it was very nice. And then we killed new bosses, made some progress and that was even better. It was the first stream, and it was the coolest thing in the world. There are people that on the first day don’t get things going so well, for me it went spectacularly and I loved it. And from there I said “Wooow, I want to keep doing this”.

uP – So, do you think this was the best time you had, or did you have better?
Leya – Yes, I think the first day of streaming was really the best. I have had the help of many people. People who gave me ideas, people who gave me monetary support, donations, subscriptions. Very spectacular people. So every time I get a donation or a sub or so, it’s always a special moment for me. Also the fact that Mujah invited me to go to his show. From that moment, I had more visibility.

uP – Would you like stream as a full time job?
Leya – I would like it, yes!

uP – And do you think you’re close to achieving that goal?
Leya – Nooooo, no, no, no.
Leya – I am currently doing this and a part-time job. That is, I have 50-50, stream and then part-time job. I can not get a [full-time] job because of the stream and I’ve been looking for a part-time one on purpose to be able to stream.

uP – What is your favorite part of your stream?
Leya – I really like those moments where I only talk to people, when I focus more on talking with the chat, with the viewers, it’s always cool. Not so much the part that I’m trying to focus on in the game. It’s more the part where I have a break and I can read and talk to people. It’s cool. I think it’s the best part of the stream.

uP – Do you do IRL streams? Focus on the chat, no game behind?
Leya – No. Normally, what I do is: I start the stream with a little bit of the game and then in the end I only talk to the viewers. I unplug the game and I’m there for a little while, talking with the chat.

uP – What was your worst moment in stream?
Leya – I don’t think I’ve had nothing bad so far. No particularly bad moments. So, from time to time, which is very rare, really really rare to happen, but it has happened to appear one person or another who are a bit ill-mannered or disrespectful. But soon, I end up ignoring or giving a little ban. Sometimes I answer. Ah! There was once, but this was not a bad moment, it was quite funny actually. I was streaming and and doing some quests in the game, and there was a gentleman who went after me on purpose to kill me several times, simply because I was streaming. Because I am a girl and I was streaming.

uP – He found you and he went after you.
Leya – Exactly! He went after me to kill me. And at that time, other people watching the stream came to help me kill him. It was him and another gentleman. So I had a spectacular help there, I don’t know, we were maybe a group of ten. And then we were always killing those characters. Because they insisted on coming after us to kill me and we always killed them instead, so that person was very very upset. He called me quite a few ugly names, but I liked it a lot, it was very funny.

uP – And has it happened to you, for example, having a troll coming in as a troll and ending up staying in your stream?
Leya – Yes, that too. I had some Brazilian friends that a few months ago came in as trolls to see if I would getting annoyed with the things they were saying. They later saw that I didn’t get upset and that I started messing with them as well. Then they ended up coming a few more times to my stream in a healthy way, so to speak.

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