The host city bid results for the 10th Esports World Championship 2018 was taken by Kaohsiung city (Chinese Taipei) lead by the Chinese Taipei Esports Association (CTeSA). Announced during the closing ceremony of the 9th Esports World Championship, the 10th anniversary of the Esports World Championship is expected to be the greatest Esports World Championship in size and scale in comparison to former events.

The Venue in which the Esports World Championship will be held is Kaohsiung Arena, which has previously hosted various sports events. The stadium has the capacity of 15,000 seats, and has the history of holding the 2017 League of Legends Rift Rivals Series this year, and held the World Games 2009 as well. Kaohsiung city government promised that the Esports World Championship will be held with high standard class. More detailed information concerning the 10th edition of the World Championships is to be announced in due course.

Kaohsiung City recently has been selected as one of the top 10 tourist cities to be visited in 2018 by Lonely Planet. Kaohsiung City has the geographical advantages of both sea and airports, as well as perfect mass transit. Kaohsiung MRT connect High-speed Rail, Taiwan Railways and the international airport. While visiting the tournament, participants can tour Kaohsiung and enjoy the scenery and food of Kaohsiung.

CTeSA was founded in January 2012, and has been the national federation representing Chinese Taipei. CTeSA also have lead the movement for esports recognition as an official sports, and have successfully received the recognition from the Ministry of Education and the Sports Administration. CTeSA is currently the one and only approved managing body for all esports event in Chinese Taipei.

(Left: Alex Lim, the Secretary General of IESF / Right: Pei-Ching Hsu, the Deputy Managing Director of CTeSA)