João “DURO” Helena, joins Alexandre Alves for the Allianz Challenge tournament organized by the eSprots division of the Portuguese Football Federation. This tournament will start tomorrow in the city of football, headquarters of the FPF.

The online event, which has Allianz’s seal, is played individually, free and is divided into 3 platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC. The tournament will find the 16 best of each platform, in a competition that
Takes place in qualifying format. The online phase will start tomorrow June 22, and will include, in addition to much fun and competition, total prizes worth more than 20 thousand euros. The final of this great competition will take place offline and will take place in the City of Football, headquarters of the FPF, on 22 July. In this final tournament will be 64 players: the 16 calculated from each platform and 16 wildcards, yet to be defined. This event will also be played by qualifiers and will serve to clear the champion. Teresa Brantuas, CEO of Allianz Portugal, underlined the importance of this partnership with the Portuguese Football Federation:
“We have been developing a very positive relationship with the FPF and we want to continue to strengthen this connection. In this sense, this joint initiative with the FPF eSports, the Allianz Challenge, will bring together players who have the same interests, the same passion and the same desire to outdo themselves as any other athlete from another sport. It is at this point that Allianz shares the interests of the FPF, “he said.

The winner of the Allianz Challenge will be entitled to a prize money worth € 10,000. However, this is not the only prize that the champion will be entitled to. FPF eSports will provide the winner with a three-day trip to Denmark to face two-time world champion Agge Rosenmeier, Red Bull athlete, one of the finest FIFA players on the planet.