Fortnite is one of the most played games of the moment, having already surpassed League of Legends and PUBG’s numbers on Twitch. Therefore, we thought this would be the ideal time to create a Fortnite team.
The proposal came from Mixtage, who used to play Overwatch on a Grow uP team. It seemed to us a good bet to launch a team in a time where the game is growing, and we’re sure it will soon be a competitive Esport.

We now present the team that will represent Grow uP eSports:

Manuel “MIXTAGE” Calvete
Bruno “BALAZIO” Rodrigues (Canal Twitch)
Andre “RESPAWN” Nogueira
David “SHOULBY” Alves (Canal Twitch)

Manuel “Mixtage” Calvete – Team Captain

“It is with great pride that I represent again the colors of this great family. I want to thank you for the trust placed in us. The goal as team is to conquer everything at national level, and then think about getting bigger. We count on your support!”

Pedro “Ownage” Baltazar – Grow uP eSports Fortnite coordinator

“As usual, inside our house, we want to be on all fronts. Although we already have some streamers and players in the Fortnite community, it is a natural step for us to bet on a competitive team. Although we know perfectly well that the competitions are still at an early stage, it is important to start creating a structure competitive, for the upcoming competitions. Welcome to our family!”