Today we announce the PES 2020 team for 10v10 competitions. With the increase of this PES modality new idea have emerged, multiple players get together and created this team with the will to grow the community and accept it this challenge with the commitment to bring new achievements and bring more competition.

Jonathan “super_john_09” Alves

Technical team:
André “Kristo8100” Guerreiro
Victor “Castayayo” Castanheira
Francisco “Franciscoredchin” Duarte

Castayayo, team spokesperson left some words.

“… Speaking on behalf of the team, it is a pleasure to be part of Grow uP Esports and seeing that this 10×10 modality is growing in PES and we can prove with the competitions that we will enter stuffed with teams spread across the continent from Spain to the Russia. Personally, i see a bright future for the sport and for lovers of the king sport because I consider this game mode the most comparable to real life football … there are no “bots” we are 10 players on one side and 10 on the other, where we don’t show the physical tiredness but the emotions behind a command prevail more than ever! Now it’s about focusing and working the team towards success, creating an impact abroad and hoping that next year, the national responsible entities will recognize the value of this game mode in Pro Evolution Soccer. …”

The next competitions that we will enter are: