The Grow uP eSports Association is proud to announce it’s return to the Heroes of the Storm scene and would like to officially welcome our roster to the organisation.

“It’s time to return home!” – Miguel “HyDrA” Alberto

Miguel “HyDrA” Alberto is returning home after more than 2 years. HyDrA still holds the record of one of the most awarded players wearing the uP jersey with more than 15 Starcraft trophies under his belt. Now with his new focus shifted to HotS his plans are to increase that number!

Fábio “Phabyum” Braz has been fighting against and alongside uP since the old UT99 days and he finally believes he found the right home to settle in! As the Captain of the ship he will surely do his best to lead his team to victory!

Hugo “Acronix” Matos competed under the uP flag 6 years ago when he was at the top of the competition in Call of Duty – XBOX 360! After some ups and downs and a long walk through the gaming world he finally returns home bringing alongside his new passion, Blizzard’s MOBA – Heroes of the Storm!

Celso “ZorackTheX” Bispo the youngest member of the team has shown some inconsistency in the past due to real life issues. Older and more mature, he’s coming back to show how fast one can evolve outside and inside the game!

Ricardo ‘ptFury’ Cerqueira has been playing games for as far back as he can remember.
Joining Grow uP eSports is a great opportunity to grow as a gamer whilst being part of a proven and respected community.

The full Grow uP eSports roster will consist of:

Fábio ‘Phabyum’ Braz [C] – Ranged Flex
Miguel ‘HyDrA’ Alberto – Melee Flex
Hugo ‘Acronix’ Matos – Support
Celso ‘ZorackTheX’ Bispo – Warrior
Carlos ‘Physicx’ Peixoto – Ranged Assassin
Ricardo ‘ptFury’ Cerqueira – Flex

The squad will be looking to firmly cement the Grow uP eSports brand in the Heroes of the Storm european scene, competing in Heroes Lounge and ESL. The team also hopes to promote Heroes of the Storm in Portugal in various ways, participating in and attending different activities related to the game. We look forward to watching them compete under our brand in the coming months!