Foamz was interviewed by us, in order for us to know him a little better. Don’t forget to pass by his stream where good mood and fun are a constant.

Q: Can you tell us who you are, for those who don’t know you?
A: Hello people, I’m Cruz or Foamz, I’m 37 years old, Portuguese but I stream in English and I am part of the Grow uP family!

Q: Foamz comes from foam?
A: Yes, the idea comes from foam, which led to Foamz and then to “ESPUMAÇAAA!” (a weird way to say foam in Portuguese) 😀

Q: Where did the expression “espumaça!” come from? Can you still remember?
A: If I’m not mistaken, I was playing around with some people, playing anything and there was a “espumaça” out of nothing, I can not remember the specific situation!

Q: Your channel started with two casters, right? How was the transition to becoming the only one streaming on the channel?
A: Yes, the original idea was to be 4 friends streaming various games throughout the day, but then, life happened, jobs and families, I ended up being the only one streaming on the channel. The transition was not very difficult since I really enjoy what I do, and maybe one day “little Foamz” will come back.

Q: Little Foamz?
A: Mokas is the guy that used to stream with me on the channel. He started being called Little Foamz because the non-Portuguese speakers had a lot of trouble pronouncing his name. I met Little Foamz a few years ago in my last job, where he was my intern. Since then, we became friends and when he could, he would stream with me.

Q: Your accent is very 🙂 is it really yours, or is it part of your character?
A: ahahaha 😀 the accent is really mine, I speak English this way, even when I’m not on Twitch 😀

Q: What was your favorite game to stream?
A: This is a difficult one, since I refuse to play anything that does not give me pleasure, but if I had to choose one, maybe the ARK, since I made great friends playing this game, both when i started streaming it, as well as recently.

Q: Does it match the game you liked the most when not streaming?
A: Not necessarily since I’ve been playing games for 30 years and I’ve only been streaming for 3 😀

Q: What led you to be a variety streamer, which are the most anticipated titles of 2018, which titles you liked the most in 2017?
A: What led me to stream was a streamer called “Zeke III,” or Zeke the 3rd, and one day I thought, this guy really enjoys doing this, I’ll try! And that was it 😀 Most anticipated title of 2018: Red Dead Redemption 2!! what I most liked about 2017, maybe Ghost Recon: Wildlands!

Q: How do you see your growth as a streamer, since you started until now?
A: I see my growth to be unexpected and I can not believe I got here at this point, but I’m glad to have such a spectacular community 😀

Q: You’re aiming to stream full-time, right? What strategies are you using to achieve your goal?
A: Streaming as a full-time job is an achievement of mine, yes. I’ve been doing it recently, because I’m looking for a job 🙂 Strategies.. I’d say that I fail a lot in advertising my stream. However, that was one of the objectives I had for my channel: to grow just by going live 😀

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