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June 28, 2018
Mauro “Demo” Sá deixa a equipa de League of Legends dos Grow uP Esports

A Associação Grow uP Esports e o jogador Mauro Sá chegaram a acordo para a rescisão do contrato que os ligava desde Janeiro. A equipa técnica, composta pelos treinadores “Crusher” e “Fintas”, e o jogador entenderam que devido a incompatibilidades técnicas e divergências, não havia condições para continuar com a colaboração. Assim sendo, Associação e…

April 18, 2018
Grow uP eSports presents Fortnite team

Fortnite is one of the most played games of the moment, having already surpassed League of Legends and PUBG’s numbers on Twitch. Therefore, we thought this would be the ideal time to create a Fortnite team. The proposal came from Mixtage, who used to play Overwatch on a Grow uP team. It seemed to us…

December 31, 2017
Hong Kong Esports Gymnasium Grand Opening by Forger Esports 鍛匠電競

The 2 million Hong Kong dollars Esports Gymnasium Grand Opening by Forger Esports 鍛匠電競 in long-term collaboration with Grow uP eSports for Esports tournaments in Asia, a strong expansion to continue to promote and empower the international female Esports industry and excite local Esports communities! In 2022, the electronic sports, esports, will be included in…

December 27, 2017
The wait is finally over, “OWL” its happening early in 2018

After a lot of talk, speculation, known teams giving the names of their new rosters, and a lot of them exempt their OW roster, the “OWL” is going to happen. As many of us, that follow OW scene know, there were a lot of noise surrounding Overwatch League, the delay, and lack of big tournaments…

October 8, 2017
Gouvy wins 3rd place FIFA 18 launch tournament

FIFA Gouvy Pro Clubs PS4 wins 3rd place in the launching party of the FIFA 18 game organized by the Hexagone in the Fnac Colombo where it had many strong players, Gouvy, managed to eliminate one of the favorites to conquer this event, Rastartur, winner of the Fifa Tournament of the Portuguese Football Federation. A…

June 20, 2017
Introducing the ESL World of Tanks Team

Our community from World of Tanks presented the team that will represent us in the ESL competitions. This team is made up of some of the best players from the various clans of the community. The team will represent the top competion level in nacional World of Tanks community.The team will be dynamic so that…

March 23, 2017
Chronicle – uP Spotlight – Nuno “OFFLINE” Cardoso

NUNO “OFFLINE” CARDOSO     In this new chronicle we will introduce you to several members of the Grow uP Gaming organization. We’ll start with an old member of the staff, Nuno, better known as OFFLINE, a player who always knows how to welcome new members into the community and has always been very dedicated and…

March 23, 2017
Chronicle – uP Spotlight (II) – Adriano “SKAZY” Guerreiro

 ADRIANO “SKAZY” GUERREIRO «Hello everyone, my name is Adriano Guerreiro, and in the eSports world I’m known as SKAZY. From an early age I started playing Sega Saturn (1998 if I recall correctly) and over time I was always “asking Santa Claus” for a new console so I could evolve my motor skills in the field…

March 23, 2017
Grow uP Gaming – Press Release

Grow uP Gaming – Association 31/10/2016   The Portuguese League of Legends League shared its deliberations on the Oleg ‘ReAt1vo’ Ralchenko ban and the incidents in the sixth match of LPLOL between the uPRO and the K1CK eSports Club. In this sense, Grow uP Gaming – Association, being the organization responsible for the management of the…

March 23, 2017
Team uPRO de Pro Evolution Soccer soma e segue

A nossa equipa de Pro Evolution Soccer, como sempre, continua a dar cartas. Desta vez com a conquista da temporada 6 da Liga Oficial Playstation em Portugal e com uma qualificação para a fase final da Pro-Series da Liga Oficial Playstation que se encontra a decorrer em território de nuestros hermanos. Obviamente que para termos…

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