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  2. Grow uP Esports presents PES 10v10 team
  3. ArticPheonix em entrevista: “Quero progredir mais”
  4. Grow uP qualified for the Master League Portugal Season 3
  5. Gouvy qualified for the April FUT CHAMPIONS CUP6 in London

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Grow uP Esports presents PES 10v10 team

Today we announce the PES 2020 team for 10v10 competitions. With the increase of this PES modality new idea have emerged, multiple players get together and created this team with the will to grow the community and accept it this challenge with the commitment to bring new achievements and bring more competition. Capitan: Jonathan “super_john_09”…

ArticPheonix em entrevista: “Quero progredir mais”

[PT] Olá ArticPheonix , em primeiro de tudo gostava que fizesses uma pequena apresentação para aqueles que ainda não te conhecem. Olá, o meu nome é Diana Gonçalves, estudo Bioquímica na Universidade de Coimbra e sou mais conhecida online por ArticPheonix. Faço parte da equipa de Hearthstone dos Grow uP eSports desde 2017. Vamos então…

Grow uP qualified for the Master League Portugal Season 3

[ENG] On the 27th of March our team secured the last place for the regular season of the Master League Portugal S3! The path started in the open qualifiers where we defeated Tropa Suprema’s team by 16-2 in Inferno; and then the nopracc by 16-14 in Train, thus ensuring passage to the closed qualifier of…

Gouvy qualified for the April FUT CHAMPIONS CUP6 in London

[ENG] The Grow uP eSports athlete will be present at the FIFA 19 Playstation4 (1v1) stage in London on April 5-7. This is the first time that Gouvy qualifies for an international stage, having won last year in service of the uP Pro Clubs (11v11) the Portuguese Cup and the League Cup. The Grow uP…


[ENG] GROW UP ESPORTS WEAR ADIDAS Grow uP eSports athletes and staff will wear Adidas, one of the world’s leading sportswear manufacturer, until 2021. The two-year deal includes the supply of Adidas gaming jerseys, tracksuits, training jackets, t-shirts and hoodies. “We are proud to work with renowned global brands like Adidas to further consolidate our…

CAPSL becomes new naming sponsor for Grow uP PUBG Team
Recently, the Grow uP eSports association PUBG team has qualified for the PGI Global Invitational European Final. In recognition of the talent and the excellent performance that attracted the glances, not only at the national level, but also internationally, CAPSL Entertainment has partnered with Grow uP to support its team. Headquartered in Hong Kong and...
Grow uP eSports presents Fortnite team

Fortnite is one of the most played games of the moment, having already surpassed League of Legends and PUBG’s numbers on Twitch. Therefore, we thought this would be the ideal time to create a Fortnite team. The proposal came from Mixtage, who used to play Overwatch on a Grow uP team. It seemed to us…

Grow uP eSports stands out in PUBG!
As últimas semanas têm sido frenéticas para a equipa de PUBG Grow uP eSports, em que dia após dia tem revelado todo o seu potencial, não só em terras Lusas, mas também no estrangeiro a competir com algumas das melhores e mais prestigiadas equipas do mundo. A equipa constituída por Kronix (capitão), iSimplusqt, FredyEZ e CABALERO, está apenas junta há cerca...
Esports: The Future of the economic trend discussed in Hong Kong
On March 3rd, Macau-based Grow uP eSports Association contributed with a lecture on Gaming and an esports demonstration at the "One Degree Beyond eSports Workshop", hosted by the sports company 361º and organized by POHK and Evoloop. The workshop, held headquarters of Alibaba Cloud in Hong Kong, aimed to provide guests with a deeper understanding...
Welcome New Stream Staff members

It is with great joy that we announce the decision to increase our staff in order to reach all our streamers more easily and give them the support they truly deserve. In 2018 we intend to go even further, and present new projects that, not only increase our streamers’ desire to belong to our team,…