It was on the start of this month we had one of our streamers invited to KupoCon, a Final Fantasy Fan Event on December 3, at the Hilton Toronto, Ontario. As soon as we known he was going, we immediately asked him, when he got back to his home and streams, he would have to resume us that amazing event he was invited, so here it is, on is own words.

“Hey Dark Clone. So here is a quick rundown of my trip to Ontario, Canada.

So I am part of an event called KupoCon. KupoCon is a fan made Final Fantasy event. It is a convention where various activities and things take place. KupoCon first approached me via Twitter and asked if I would like to be part of their event. I first sat on the Final Fantasy Panel at the first UK KupoCon event on March 25th 2017. And recently attended my 2nd event in Ontario, Canada on DEC 3rd 2017.

In Ontario I was more involved with the event and helped with the merchant stalls, answered questions from attendees and generally helped keep the event running smoothly. I was also part of 2 panels; about 2 different subjects. I spoke in front of an audience and answered any questions or queries they might have about the 2 different panel subject which were Final Fantasy remakes and ports, and also Final Fantasy XI Online and Final Fantasy XIV Online. I spoke about how to get in to and how to start off playing FFXIV and FFXI for any new players;

I shared these panels with various different people, and they are as follows, Mr Happy who is a full time content creator, Twitch TV and YouTube Partner. Reseph who is the owner and moderator of the FFXIV and FFXI sub reddits. And Nerdstodamus, who are the face of KupoCon over in the US. It was an honour and a pleasure to share these panels with them.

Going forward I will be attending KupoCon panels and events in FEB 2018 in London and also in Birmingham in SEPT 2018. I also have done in the past and will do in the future, some live broadcasting on the KupoCon Facebook page for them, usually for UK / EU based events, speaking about the events and keeping the hype up between events. I am also hoping to visit the US in 2018 for a KupoCon event too.

And that is a rough breakdown of my trip to Toronto and what I did when I was there. If you or anyone has any questions as such, then please feel free to ask. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

Where can you do this questions you should be thinking… thats an easy thing, you just need to pass on his stream


Here are some photos of the KupoCon from azzavhar