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January 31, 2018
TaniaCPL was one of Grow uP eSports Twitch team members with the biggest growth in followers in January. To celebrate, we decided to interview her. Read more to know a little more about Tânia and visit her stream to say hello. Q: Tell us a little about yourself. A: My name is Tânia (a.k.a. CookieFace),...
January 29, 2018
In January, to celebrate the growth Mujahedinpt's channel had, we decided to interview him. Check out the interview to get to know him better! But proceed with caution. Some things cannot be unseen. You have been warned. Q: Tell us about yourself. A: I don’t like to talk about myself, because I consider myself a...
January 21, 2018
Welcome New Stream Staff members

It is with great joy that we announce the decision to increase our staff in order to reach all our streamers more easily and give them the support they truly deserve. In 2018 we intend to go even further, and present new projects that, not only increase our streamers’ desire to belong to our team,…