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  2. Grow uP Esports presents PES 10v10 team
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  4. Grow uP qualified for the Master League Portugal Season 3
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Portugal and Macau establish strategic partnerships with World Cyber Arena

Portugal and Macau establish strategic partnerships with World Cyber Arena

Portugal, 15th of December, 2016 – Grow uP Gaming (Portugal) and Grow uP eSports (Macau) have signed strategic partnership agreements with the World Cyber Arena (WCA) on the 9th of December 2016 in Yinchuan, China, during the WCA Global eSports Summit, which was attended by guests from over 30 different e-Sports organizations and alliances, from 20…

SaintJohn and Tiësta rise to the 1st Hearthstone Division of ESPLeague

It was during the past weekend that the Hearthstone players who won the Golden Tickets of the 1st Split groups faced each other in the qualifier to find the 2 players that would occupy the 2 vacancies of the 1st Division. The Grow uP Gaming Association was represented by 2 players in a total of 11…

EVO 2016 Recap by Wilson ‘Twinblade’ Ferreira

The EVO (Evolution Championship Series) is the largest fighting games tournament in the world. A Tournament where history is made, where expectations are the highest, with the most hyped moments, the best players in the world and the largest prize pools. It is the tournament that every player and fan of fighting games participate or attend religiously….

Thank you Alejandro Alguacil !!!

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the departure of the Spanish PES player Alexalguacil_8 from our organization towards Team MRN (Spanish team). We want to wish him the best in this new project and our gratefulness for his exemplary work while representing our jersey.       While representing the Grow uP Gaming Association, Alejandro has…

Grow uP Gaming Association with a big presence in the World Championship!

In the past year the Association had 1 official team participating in the RLCS, an event that had over 6000 teams from all over the world and over 300.000 twitch viewers watching the games. During Season 1, the team that represented the Association was Adriano ” SKAZY ” Guerreiro, Ricardo ” iGozel ” Canhoto and Ricardo ” Fury”Miranda. This…

Irina”Romanoff”Cosplay conquers the 2nd Place in the 1st Edition of the Alvaiázere GO Cosplay Contest

The 1st edition of the Pokémon GO em Alvaiázere occurred last weekend, counting over 800 participants, 30 hours of lures and over 5.000€ in prizes. The main events of this edition were: Gym Battles – The team that dominated the most gyms within the schedule determined by the organization would win and get monetary prizes for…

Grow uP Gaming reactivates the World of Tanks Division

It is with great pleasure that the Grow uP Gaming Association announces the rebirth of the World of Tanks Division through the inclusion of two Clans of the Portuguese WoT community. World of Tanks has been part of the Grow uP Gaming Community for several years, from its Beta phase until 2015, Clan Grow uP…

Recap Lockdown 2016

Lockdown 2016 was held on the 10th and 11th of September, a PTFighters event that reunited many lovers of the fighting games genre in the VIP Executive Hotel in Sta. Iria da Azóia to participate in the variety of tournaments available. Popular titles such as Smash Brothers, Mortal Kombat XL, GuiltyGear XrdGrandes títulos como Smash Brothers, Mortal Kombat XL, Guilty Gear…

Chronicle – uP Spotlight – Nuno “OFFLINE” Cardoso

NUNO “OFFLINE” CARDOSO     In this new chronicle we will introduce you to several members of the Grow uP Gaming organization. We’ll start with an old member of the staff, Nuno, better known as OFFLINE, a player who always knows how to welcome new members into the community and has always been very dedicated and…

Chronicle – uP Spotlight (II) – Adriano “SKAZY” Guerreiro

 ADRIANO “SKAZY” GUERREIRO «Hello everyone, my name is Adriano Guerreiro, and in the eSports world I’m known as SKAZY. From an early age I started playing Sega Saturn (1998 if I recall correctly) and over time I was always “asking Santa Claus” for a new console so I could evolve my motor skills in the field…

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