The truth is that, as time and challenges pass us by, we don’t fully realize how much has passed until we look at the number 15 and start to understand how valuable and impactful this has been to our lives, and what it represents for everyone that fight and sacrifice themselves for the growth on this family. But even though time passes we don’t slow down, not at all, we instead strive to be more alive than ever, to keep creating, developing and adapting ou association to the new times, maintaining the ideals and the passion that we have had through the first steps and throughout all these years.

The fantastic world of esports ( it’s no longer e-Sports or eSports) is in constant transformation, especially during these past two years, and the keyword #esports is now the keyword of the year, the big trend for the current year and the years to come. All this constant evolution shows how this market has a gigantic potential, and that requires a bigger effort of all of us if we want to grow and triumph in the world of espots.

One of our strategic positions was initiated in 2015 for an international expansion of our brand towards the Asian market, where we established ourselves as an Association in Macau and have adapted to their market, since at the time we weren’t allowed to use Grow uP Gaming and as such, we used Grow uP eSports instead. Today, in celebration, we have performed a full rebranding of our project to Grow uP eSports in order to unify our brand, prevent any sort of barriers, essentially because we want to expand our family and our brand even further, with all it represents in its essence. We are not going to stop growing up through gaming, both as individuals and as professionals, because Grow uP Gaming will always be our standart and philosophy.

This process of rebrading wouldn’t make sense without a new online home, so we developed a new website that allows us to channel all our entrepreneurial essence and spiritr, while allowing us to share our path as an organization and family, and for that reason we aim to provide an image that is stronger than anything we’ve built up until today, while still valuing our past that has provided us the foundation to our future.

Throughout these past two years, especially in this last year, I’ve felt that everything we’ve built is highly valued outside, and that give us even more will to achieve another 15 years since we have all the guarantees to be on the right path, not only as a structure, but also with the purpose of growing together, and that’s what makes us stronger and more united as a group, not just for our individual growth, but for everyone around us.

Thank you to everyone who fight daily for this humble family,

A hug and a kiss from your friend Telmo “Armag3ddon” Silva

Underworld Preachers
Grow uP Gaming
Grow uP eSports

15 years growing together!